Unlimited Success Services LLC is your premiere choice to bring awareness for nonprofit governance, leadership development and coaching services. I know there are many nonprofits that provide outstanding work to meet the needs of people through their social services and programs within their communities across the country. However, even though they provide different types of services and programs, there is one thing they all have in common, a business side.

Nonprofits are faced with unique challenges. They are often held to the same standards as a for-profit organization but don’t always have the same resources and knowledge to understand their risks and how to reduce them. Without the correct processes and people in place they could end up running a risky business and stand the chance of being placed on the IRS’ list of automatic revokes.

On the other hand, when nonprofits operate efficiently and effectively it ensures long-term success. With my resources and services, I am ready to equip and empower new Founders and Board members become aware of how to build a strong business foundation and lead a sustainable nonprofit organization. I will help eliminate the stress and frustration associated with unfamiliar requirements and tasks. With my services, you will feel as though someone is practically holding you by the hand, every step of the way.

Good Governance Training

This Training Covers:

  • Nonprofit Annual Filings & Report
  • The Role of The Board of Directors
  • Nonprofit Legal Reviews
  • Nonprofit General Risk Management
  • Nonprofit Best Practices

Leadership Development



  • EMERGING LEADERS will love the foundation the training provides.
  • EXPERIENCED LEADERS will enjoy the advantage of collaborative insight.
  • EMPOWERMENT LEADERS will apply the lessons learned into the next generation of leaders on their team.



The Leadership Game


 “Leadership ability is always the lid on personal and organizational effectiveness. If a person’s leadership is strong, the organization’s lid is high. But if it’s not, the organization is limited.”  John Maxwell

Whether you are a CEO, manager, realtor, network marketer, banker, teacher, church leader or in direct sales, I can help bring awareness to improve your leadership intelligence and increase team effectiveness.  I have an assessment tool that is unlike any other.  It’s fun and engaging, yet it challenges the participants to have open discussions about leadership principles and values.  It is designed to help leaders uncover gaps and areas for improvement within their leadership team.

What You & Your Team Will Experience

  • Team Building
  • Open Sharing and Communication
  • Leadership Skills Assessment
  • Stronger Relationships

This is an amazing new Leadership Assessment tool that brings teams together.

It highlights leader’s awareness in a fun environment. It helps those that are working on themselves and those that are growing themselves, as well as, expose growth gaps. At the end, it gives them an evaluation as to the next steps.

So, book your next board retreat, professional development, church group training or half day workshop today with the game changer!

Also contact us for additional information for any of our Leadership Training Courses.


The Maxwell DISC Method

Everyone has the potential to be successful. However, are you aware that 85% of success is people skills?

People are Different…Predictably Different! Everyone you encounter is motivated differently, communicates differently, and views tasks and relationships differently.

What if you could tap into your greatest motivations and dramatically improve your relationship and accelerate your results?

When you become aware of your strengths, you are able to give your best as you work with people around you.  You will also be able to get along with anyone, even if you’re not a “people person.”

Contact us today to schedule your workshop


Awareness Coaching

“One of the fastest ways to bring accountability into your life is to find an accountability partner.”

My coaching involves the ability to understand you:  As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, I can see what you are going through now and what is up ahead. Coaching is foreseeing, paving the way, coming alongside you while helping you achieve goals and overcome limiting paradigms.


I offer two levels of coaching support:

Individual Coaching – one-on-one private and confidential coaching

When I am working with you one-on-one, it is my highest objective to help you reach your purpose, vision and goals by working through John Maxwell’s programs specific to your needs. Together, we will create a strategic, powerful plan for you to gain clarity through a weekly process including, interaction and accountability.

  • What are you doing to invest in yourself?
  • What are you doing to invest in others?

Group Coaching – small setting onsite or via video technology

When I am working in a group setting – although it’s not singular in nature – having the entire group’s input in thinking magnifies the richness of the discussions and results in developing solutions that are above and beyond what any individual can create. The cohesive bond that is formed empowers each person to develop the leader within and shine in a safe environment that nurtures the group as a whole. It is an experience unlike any other and follows the same premise as an academic think tank.


Surround yourself with people that force you to do better.”

There is synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group. My facilitated groups offer a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, education, accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. By bringing fresh ideas and a different perspective, my masterminds can help you achieve success.


Key Benefits of a Mastermind Group:

  • Increase your own experience and confidence
  • Sharpen your business and personal skills
  • Add an instant and valuable support network
  • Get honest feedback, advice and brainstorming
  • Borrow on the experience and skills of the other members
  • Study Leadership, Communications and Growth principles/practices in a group setting, create an action plan and have the group hold you accountable for fulfilling your plan and goals.
  • Receive critical insights into yourself
  • Optimistic peer support in maintaining a positive mental attitude
  • A sense of shared endeavor – there are others out there!

Speaking, Workshops, and Seminars


“Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.” CureJoy

As a Certified John Maxwell Speaker and Trainer, I offer customized presentations to fit your individual or team’s needs and budget such as:

  • 10 Minute Briefing
  • Business and Personal Retreat
  • Business Symposium
  • Half Day/Full Day Workshop or Seminar
  • In-House Corporate Training
  • Keynote Speech For Your Sponsored Event
  • Leadership Conference and Forum
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Mistress of Ceremonies
  • Nonprofit Event
  • Partnership Summit

I will provide effective team communication and structure that is important for forging relationships equipping your team with the proper attitudes to develop leaders within. We will work through goal setting and communication exercises that will bring cohesiveness to your group ultimately increasing productivity due to the positive influences each member will have on the group as a whole.

In addition, I will at your request, incorporate your organization’s meeting theme, mission/vision statement or build on your existing training schedule to best fit the needs of your group.

Be intentional and send a reply, and together we’ll create the most effective plan to move you forward.  (Note:  Your email address will not be published.)


  • Get a Personal Legal Plan
  • Get IDShield
  • Become an Associate

Protect you, your family and your dependents, and your personal identity with simple, comprehensive coverage from LegalShield and IDShield.

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In 1991, I was commissioned to be a public officer appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the Governor’s Council to be a Notary Public for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Contact me for Notary Public Service.

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