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I have always thought of a mentor as someone who walks along side you physically. Yet, your model has opened my eyes to a totally new mindset and medium for ministry. Big ups! I am forever in your debt!

Georgette R.

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Thank you for another great session today! Whenever I get off the line with you I feel so empowered and more knowledgeable than when I got on the call….Praise be to God!

Valarie M.

Helping Others Prosper Eternally, Inc.

“As I headed to a scheduled class I was nervous, being unsure of what to expect. But stepping into Sarah’s building made my uncertainty vanish. A sense of ease washed over me with the warm welcome I received. The setting was professional but it wasn’t stuffy and everyone present was relaxed and happy.

The session began and it quickly became apparent that Sarah had a wealth of knowledge on the subjects discussed. She moved through the material with ease, pausing for all questions and answering all of the questions thoroughly. The class was structured well and Sarah had the material mastered so the class moved smoothly. At the end of the session the right amount of information was delivered. The information given provided a solid foundation to help me begin the process of creating a nonprofit. But not too much information was shared to overwhelm me and hinder the start of my journey.

Sarah truly means it when she states that she will help create a nonprofit from start to finish. She guided me through the entire process. She gave me advice and walked me through the difficulties that arose and advised me to perform each step in a certain order. Specifically, because of this strategy my application was sent and then accepted in less than three weeks.

Sarah was a blessing from God and I will now ask her to help me operate our nonprofit. “

Brian H.


Thank you so much for all of your assistance!!! We received our determination today!!!!

You are the one!!!!  You are the best!

Marv N.


I recommend this! She holds your hands through the whole process.

Olive K.


Sarah Vaughan Smith 🤗🤗🤗!!! To be supported by a woman of your caliber and knowledge is yet another blessing we can’t explain. Thank you for being a client, investor and avid supporter!

Nabely C.


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